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Submit information regarding suspicious activity, criminal activity, or unsafe traffic behavior.

Participate in our ride-along program, allowing citizens to accompany a patrol officer during a requested time.

Protect your home or business when you are away. The Lancaster Police Department can provide security checks to help ensure the integrity of your property. 

Request information and/or records from the Lancaster Police Department.

Give positive or negative feedback on any Lancaster Police Department employee to help us improve service.

Year to year statistics, information, descriptions, and summaries of the Lancaster Police Department's enforcement and community integration efforts.

The Lancaster Police Department periodically hosts law enforcement training for internal and external attendees. The goal of any training is to refine the professionalism and ability of today's law enforcement officer.


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City of Lancaster, Ohio, Website

The website for the city of Lancaster, Ohio. Find city departmental information, contact(s), and resources.


Fairfield County Child Protective Services

Fairfield County CPS is committed to ensuring quality outcomes, strengthening families, reducing risk, and providing education to the community.

South Central Ohio Major Crimes Unit

Submit drug tips and research drug related info.


Fairfield County Sheriff's Office

The Fairfield County Sheriff's Office serves the Fairfield county area and often works hand in hand with the Lancaster Police Department.


Project F.O.R.T.

Are you, or someone you know, a recent survivor of a drug overdose? 


Lighthouse Domestic Violence Shelter

The Lighthouse is a non-profit agency focused on the prevention and education of family violence.


Fairfield County 2-1-1

2-1-1 is the number to dial when you need help. Phones are answered by real people, trained professionals, with access to a comprehensive database connecting you to available resources in Fairfield County. It's fast, free, and confidential.


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